HMO Management

HMO Management

Is your property a HMO? If you are unsure, call for assistance.


Managing HMO properties requires more general involvement than any other letting type. They need to be managed efficiently to ensure tenants are happy and the property remains in good condition.


With additional sharers comes more active tenant management and often a higher turnover, not with TopMarks Property – we ensure tenants are happy and feel like both themselves and the property are being cared for. We actively encourage them to help with viewings and choose somebody who will fit within the house.  The property will typically require more repairs than a single let, and the communal area is also generally the responsibility of the landlord and/or the managing agent however, we encourage our tenants to be proactive in keeping the property in good condition, and take responsibility of many general repairs.  Our mission reflects this.

To provide the best service to property owners and tenants alike by delivering excellent, bespoke property solutions and tenant customer care.”

Furthermore, shared properties/ HMOs are subject to a great deal of legislation which can be a true minefield for someone just starting out in property investment.

TopMarks Property HMO management includes the following in addition to regular management essentials.


  • Liaison with the local authorities to ensure the HMO is licensed correctly if required.
  • Advice on any works required to ensure compliance with amenity, space and fire regulations as laid down by the Housing Act 2004.
  • If appropriate, we will instruct our trusted supplier to conduct a fire risk assessment which will be reviewed annually. (additional cost)
  • Close relationships with the major local employers to ensure rapid lettings to tenants and minimise room void periods.
  • Monthly inspections to ensure your tenants are treating the fabric of the building with respect.
  • Management practices to ensure the legal requirements are maintained in accordance with the “Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006” Act.

HMO management fee 12%  of monthly rent of each property (Plus VAT)

Initial tenancy set up £299.00 (Plus VAT)

Please telephone to discuss your exact requirements.

We understand that every HMO will be unique in its requirements and management workload.

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